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National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week - October 22-28

Achieving a lead-safe Missouri is easier than you might think:

Remember the 3 Ps! Providers | Parents | Programs

Providers should be conducting blood lead tests on any child 3 and under, as well as screening any child 6 and under. Educating parents on the dangers of lead exposure is vital. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services created educational materials for providers to use. Children are especially vulnerable to lead, which can cause developmental disabilities, speech delays, lower IQ, anemia, and nervous system damage.

The health effects are dangerous.

Parents should be asking about blood lead tests for any child 3 and under while monitoring their child’s milestone progress. Children can be exposed to lead inside their own home. Houses built before 1978 might still have lead paint. It is important to contact professionals to dispose of debris and dust properly when doing renovations and take note of any paint that is peeling or chipping for repair.

Remove the risk.

Federal and Statewide programming exists to east the burden of families today. The EPA, CDC, and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services provide educational materials for those who are looking for answers about lead exposure. Nutritional programs such as WIC or SNAP can increase access to healthy foods that reduce lead absorption, like vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Local food banks are another great resource. 2

Find programs that work for your family.

Visit Health.Mo.Gov/lead to learn what YOU can do to get the lead out.


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