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Food Safety

The Christian County food safety program consists of three main components: enforcement of the Missouri Food Code and local food ordinance, education and training for food handlers, and complaint investigations. It is the goal of the Environmental Health program staff to work with food handlers to help them understanding and comply with regulations and standards, and to serve as a resource for food managers and business owners.


The Missouri Food Code defines a food establishment and provides guidance and regulations on how they must operate in order to protect the public from foodborne illness. It emphasizes science-based food safety practices like temperature control, handwashing, proper cooling, and internal cooking temperature.

In addition, Christian County maintains local regulations (Christian County Food Ordinance) that offer guidance on issues specific to the county. Food establishments receive surprise inspections on a time-based rotation to ensure compliance with local and state food safety regulations. The results of these inspections are posted at the Health Department and are available to the public.

Guidelines for mobile food establishments

Exempt status for food establishments


Permits are required for vending food in Christian County and fees will apply, unless exempt. Permitting requirements are described in the Christian County Food Ordinance.

Food permit fees are pro-rated per quarter for the current year. See fee schedule for details.

Temporary Events

If you intend to offer, sample, sell, or prepare food at a temporary event, you are required to complete a Temporary Food License Application and submit it, with any applicable fees, to our office at least ten (10) business days prior to the event. Applications not received 10 business days prior to the event may be denied. Operation of a single event or address cannot exceed Fourteen (14) consecutive days. 

If you are an organizer of a temporary event where there will be food served, you are required to submit an Organizer's Temporary Event Application. It is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure that the Christian County Health Department is informed of all food vendors 10 business days prior to the event. Organizers are responsible to ensure that food vendors that are specifically not approved for food service, do not offer food. This includes food vendors that are operating after a failure to obtain a permit or exemption, or vendors that have not passed inspection and have a failing inspection score, without the ability to correct noted deficiencies.

Food Safety Training

The Health Department does not offer in-house training at this time.  We have compiled a list of approved accredited certified food protection manager classes.

Applications and Forms

Food Safety Tips

Food Recalls

Food Regulations
Food Permits
Food Safety Training
Food Forms
Food Safety Tips
Food Recalls
Temporary Events
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