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Human contact with sewage can be a serious public health risk. Drinking water that is contaminated with sewage can lead to health problems like diarrhea, nausea, cramps, dysentery and hepatitis. Exposure to sewer gases can also cause discomfort and sickness.


In 1992 the Christian County Health Department adopted a county-wide onsite wastewater ordinance with construction standards to protect public health and the county's natural resources. This was done under the authority of Section 193.300, RSMo 1986. It is the goal of the Christian County Health Department to help residents and installers understand and follow the rules and regulations established by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Christian County Wastewater Ordinance.

Community Engagement

Community members are encouraged to become knowledgeable about wastewater systems in order to ensure they request the correct system be installed, properly maintain the system they have, and contribute to protecting groundwater and natural resources for all of us.


The Health Department offers training for installers that are licensed with the State of Missouri and wish to install wastewater systems in Christian County. These classes are offered several times during the year at a cost of $50.00. Please call the Health Department for class dates and times.

Resources for New Installations:

Wastewater Regulations
Community Engagement

Complaints and Record Requests

To file a food complaint or a wastewater complaint, please complete a complaint form and submit it to the Health Department. An inspector will be scheduled to investigate the complaint within five workings days, and will call the complainant with findings.

Please complete a records request form and submit it to the Health Department to receive records on complaints, child care provider inspections, food inspections, laboratory testing results, and wastewater inspection results. Please note: we can provide food inspection results and stream testing results over the phone without a records request.

Complaints & Requests
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