Women Volunteers

Women's Health Services

Pregnancy Testing

We provide pregnancy testing for a fee. Please call our office at 417-581-7285 for fee information. We can also provide guidance and coordinate services for women with high risk pregnancies. We can help you apply for temporary Medicaid, which provides free health and dental care to pregnant women who meet income guidelines.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding gives your infant the perfect food and the best start in life. Science shows multiple benefits for both you and your infant when you choose to breastfeed. We support breastfeeding moms in a number of ways. Call us for details.

  • Breastfeeding classes: Mondays 10:00—11:00 am or 2:00—3:00 pm

  • Breastfeeding peer counselor to answer your questions and provide support

  • Breast pump selection

  • Breastfeeding Support Group: fun, food and support at our office in Ozark

Adult Immunizations

Vaccines can lower your risk of getting diseases. All women benefit from immunizations that lower your risk of getting and spreading serious diseases. Vaccinations against seasonal influenza (flu), Hepatitis B, and HPV, for example, help you stay healthier so you can work more productively, continue to care for your family, and enjoy your life.

Health Screenings

Regular health screenings can help you discover health conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. For example, maintaining a healthy blood pressure lowers your risk for heart disease. We provide blood pressure screenings to help you stay on top of your blood pressure numbers.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program with a strong emphasis on education about nutrition-based health. The program provides nutrition education, screening, risk assessment, and counseling to pregnant women, new mothers, infants, and children up to five years old.

WIC also provides checks to help with the purchase of nutritious supplemental foods like milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, whole grain foods, and fruits and vegetables from local grocery stores.  New mothers who are breastfeeding may receive extra food in an enhanced food package.

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