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Staying Safe During Hot Summer Days!

This summer the Ozarks have seen temperatures well over 90 degrees and the hot times don't show any signs of leaving early. Make sure you're keeping yourself safe these summer with these tips and resources!

As the sun beats down, it's essential to stay hydrated, seek shade whenever possible, and avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing and applying sunscreen regularly can also help protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. Before you head outside, check your local weather forecast and see if any heat advisories have been issued.

If you've been out in the sun, it's important you know some of the warning signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. These can include dizziness, exhaustion, extreme thirst, and more. If you or someone you're with passes out from heat exposure, it's essential you dial 911 and move that person to a cooler area or cool them down via other methods. For more resources on heat exhaustion and heat stroke, visit the National Weather Service website:

If your home doesn't have satisfactory air conditioning or you need immediate access to a cool, safe environment, don't hesitate to visit a local cooling station. An updated list of cooling stations in Missouri organized by the Department of Health and Senior Services can be found in the following link:

Remember to keep yourself hydrated and if you start to feel too hot, get to a cooler environment and take it easy!


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